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RWTM Installation Instructions

RHLM Installation Instructions

RWTM(NSP) Installation Instructions


RWTM Installation Diagram for Two Speed Lucas DR3A

How To Find The Self Park Feed Wire

Self-Park Sequence Diagram (Lucas type motors)


Fiat 2300 Coupe S – RWTM Installation

VW T2 (1967 to 1974) – RWTM Installation

VW T2 (1974 to 1979) – RWTM Installation

VW T2 (1974 to 1979) Wiper Motor & Stalk Switch Operation

Ford Cortina Mk2 – RWTM Installation

Detomaso Pantera – RWTM Installation

Mercedes Ponton 220SE – RWTM Installation

Volvo P1800 – RWTM Installation Diagram

Oldsmobile Rocket 88 – RHLM Installation


Stafford Vehicle Componants (SVC) have a useful help page about Lucas wiper motors on their website.

Speedy Jim’s netlink site has lots of info on VW wiper motors.

A useful MGB wiper motor guide can be found on the website

Framebook (UK) Ltd create & market terrific magnetic, full colour wiring diagrams for classic cars.