Welcome to Retronics Ltd

Our products are designed to improve the safety & practicality of driving your classic vehicle in this busy, modern world.

Retronics Ltd products are designed & built in the UK using our own PCB technology for reliability & ease of installation.

Our in house designed PCBs have double thickness track & a heavy duty relay, full RF suppression & reverse polarity protection.



RWTM –  Windscreen Wiper Intermittent Timer Module Kit

For classic vehicles with self parking wipers.

We all love our classic vehicles and many of us use them all year round.
This means facing the vagaries of the weather, and let’s face it, even summer weather is rarely as rain free as we’d like!

Many classic vehicles have windscreen wipers that are either on or off, so driving in drizzle or moderate rainfall means constantly reaching for that toggle switch!

The RWTM solves the problem with an economical & simple to install module.
No more squeaking from too little rain.
No more flicking your wipers on and off.
Wiper sweep intervals of 2, 3, 4, 8 & 12 seconds.
Simple to fit – only a few wires to connect.
Works with your existing self-parking wipers.
Retro style rotary control switch.

RHLM – Hazard Light Module Kit

A discreet safety upgrade for all classic vehicles.

Should you need to pull over whilst motoring in these busy modern times, letting other road users know your situation is vital.

The RHLM is an ultra reliable universal hazard light module & comes ready to fit.
Simple to install.
No need to replace your existing indicators.
Illuminated classic style dashboard switch.

Works with traditional & LED bulbs, suitable for positive & negative earth vehicles.